G320X Initial Setup and Tuning Tutorial

The G320X is the newest servo drive from Geckodrive, Inc. Built around the same high speed CPLD as the G203V and offering the same bulletproof protection, the G320X is a drive that will last. It was designed as a drop-in replacement for the G320 and is 100% backwards compatible with the G320 and G340. The G320X has many new features based on user requests and industrial requirements that take full advantage of the CPLD architecture.

Check out our new tutorial video below explaining the G320X’s initial setup and tuning!

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The 2016 Louisiana Flood and what YOU can do.


One of our customers, Chris, is one of the many people affected by the terrible Louisiana Flood, now, dubbed by the American Red Cross, “the worst natural disaster to strike the United States since Hurricane Sandy.” Like many other Louisiana residents, Chris’ home and business were destroyed in this tragic event. We donated some G540’s to Chris to help get his business back up and running. Wall Street Journal captured the struggle of small business struggle in this article.

See what you can do to help the flood victims and their families here: http://volunteerlouisiana.gov/ Your help is still needed!

Introducing Geckodrive’s newest product, the G214.


The G214 is a powerful and cost effective FPGA based step motor drive meant for high power applications. Designed from the ground up to eliminate resonance from stepper motors, the G214 is in a class above competing products.

Proprietary resonance compensation ensures a step motor will move with maximum smoothness and minimum vibration. Using Geckodrive’s resolution upscaling at all speeds means motor smoothness is optimized at all resolutions and velocities. Every microstep is broken down into higher interpolated microsteps to compensate for motor vibration due to coarse microstepping at extremely low speeds. The resolution upscaling will change depending on the microstep resolution chosen via DIP switch to be sure your motor is getting the smoothest possible operation at all times.

Motor current can be set with a tri-mode option, using either an onboard DIP switch, external voltage or external resistor. The G214 can drive stepper motors ranging from NEMA 8 all the way up to NEMA 42. High speed morphing will get the most torque out of any stepper motor at high speed.

Allowing for drop-in replacement of IM483 and IM805 motor controls means technology upgrades are simple. Competitive pricing allows users to have the latest technology and the best motor performance for very little cost.

Check out the G214 here!




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Welcome to our Distributor network, Exim!

We are excited to welcome our newest official distributor, Exim! Exim is based out of Germany and focuses on service of CNC & Automation Systems. They are a young and upcoming company with knowledgeable support teams and a highly skilled engineering team. Exim is a great addition to Geckodrives’ distributor network! You can check them out here: http://www.eximcnc.de/ You can view all of our international distributors on our website at http://www.geckodrive.com/international-distributors.html

We’re hiring!

Production Manager

Communicate with shipping department to maintain adequate stock levels of all products and ensure quality control.​

Communicate with returns department to process returns and repairs.​

Initial Production (Panel Form)

-Determine Production Schedule (What drives need to be run in production when according to shipping schedule and stock)

-Run Production (Run Machine, Oven, and Scan Panels)

Final Production (Finished Product)

-Distribute completed panels to assemblers (Either Excel or In House to Arturo)

– Visually inspect panels upon completion by assemblers for quality of work (cold solder joints, unsoldered components, shorts, incorrect components, reverse polarity, etc.​)

-Test all completed drives

-Can drives and distribute to shipping office or stock locker as needed

First Line Quality Control

-Production Manager is responsible for ensuring every single product meets the demand of the manufacturing sample.​

-Segregate all non -compliant material into the “Friday Box”

-Alert management to any possible quality issues immediately

-Give a daily briefing to management regarding production, quality control, and the general state of inventory

General Machine Cleanliness

-Responsible for day to day maintenance and cleanliness of production equipment

Troubleshooting/​ Returns

-Evaluate and diagnose return drives according to return sheet

-Repair return drives according to repair sheet

-Troubleshoot non-conforming material in and fix when possible


-Make sure that inventory levels for all components are adequate for production level requirements via weekly scheduled inventory and daily inventory monitoring.​

-Report component inventory shortages to management

-Make sure that completed product inventory in shipping office and stock is adequate to meet the demands of the day/​week/​month via regular coordination with shipping office.​

Benefits- Medical Insurance, 401K, 2 Weeks PTO, Flexible Work Environment

PLEASE SEND ALL RESUMES TO [email protected]

G320X P.I.D. Tuning

The G320X can be tuned with either an oscilloscope or by ear to ensure that it is maintaining position while under load. The guide below is the quickest way to tune the drive without an oscilloscope and will result in a rigid motor shaft that will maintain position under any load.

1) Set the G320X following error limit switches to 1/2 of your encoder line count. If you use a 500-line encoder, set the following error switches to +/- 256.

2) Turn the “I” trimpot fully off (CCW).

3) The “D” term setting HAS to lead the “P” term. Turn “D” up first, then “P”, turn “P” down first before turning “D” down. You can get violent motor oscillations if you don’t follow this rule.

4) Set “P” and “D” to 1/4 full scale. The “D” term is what causes all the noise. Turning it down decreases motor humming, turning it up increases motor humming.

5) Turning “P” increases servo stiffness, turning “P” down decreases it.

6) Adjust “D” and “P” until you have OK servo stiffness. Try to turn the motor using your thumb and index finger. A stiff servo will resist a lot, a loose servo will resist very little.

7) Make the settings where the servo is reasonably stiff while making little or no noise.

8) Now adjust the “I” term CW. It will greatly increase servo stiffness. Once it’s adequate, let it be. You are done. The motor will be very quiet and it will be very stiff (resist being moved).

If you have any questions, please contact our friendly technical support team at [email protected] or at (714) 832-8874.